Hi, I'm Carol.

I have an unwavering drive and commitment to optimizing success within your organization. My role is to provide a strong foundation that is grounded in clear expectations of excellence, integrity and consistent practices that guide you and all employee groups to perform at their highest potential. It is my belief that when employees are allowed to perform with clear expectations, shared responsibilities and a laser-like focus on the mission, the organization and customers ultimately benefit.

I have 28 years of experience that will add value to your organization. My life’s work encompasses various roles in education, leadership, human resources and operations management. I have served as a teacher in an urban setting, alternative and suburban settings as well as several leadership roles which include dean of students, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent of human resources. My education combined with my experiences has shaped my drive and ability to problem-solve and create well organized and easy to integrate systems to improve daily operations and productivity. My strengths are establishing a clear vision, building systems to support the vision and the implementation of the vision to drive change.

As a leader and mentor, I pride myself on building positive relationships that are developed through two-way communication, honesty, trust and shared responsibilities. Change and challenges are inevitable, but my experience and determination allow me to view them as assets. I am energized by the opportunity to help your organization by identifying innovative strategies and positive solutions that continue to support your goals and desired outcomes.  I am confident that my motivation, self-discipline and relentless follow through will elevate your organization to the next level.

On a more personal note, I am proud of my blue-collar background which has instilled hard work and resiliency into everything I do.  As the first family member to graduate from college I remain humble and grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me. As a former athlete, sports have no doubt been the catalyst for developing my tenacity, learning the power of “we”, and how to lead unapologetically. I happily reside in the greater Detroit area with my husband and two cats.  I enjoy working out at AFS, yoga, entertaining for family and friends, Broadway shows, all music and traveling.  I continue to feed my passion by advocating for public education and networking to learn how I can best serve others.

Yours in Leadership,