My Proven Process



Together we will examine the whole picture of your organization and start by focusing on the current systems in place that are working well and contributing to your success. From there we will identify areas of immediate need and determine whether it is a current system that needs improvement or does it require the development and implementation of something entirely new.



I will help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  We will turn over every stone to determine what are the barriers and/or obstacles that are preventing growth and success. As a team we will determine the why behind the barriers and make decision on where to include well-define processes and procedures to better support the operations of the organization.



Together, along with critical stakeholders in the organization, we will determine what is needed to move forward.  We will build clearly defined systems that are customized for growth and map out the best practices for implementation, training and continuous reflection.  I will provide support and guidance as you transition into the new practices that will ultimately generate improvement and success.

My Services

Any of the services below can be delivered via interactive workshops, one-on-one coaching, or guided systems/process development.


Leadership matters!  It requires the highest level of integrity and courage.  Leadership is hard work and demands the ability to build trusting relationship while making courageous decisions that are best for the organization.  The words of a great leader are always followed up by action.  They have an unwavering focus on the organizations mission, they are collaborative, growth-oriented and they are deliberate about caring for the people within the organization.  Whether you are considering leadership, transitioning into leadership or an experienced leader who needs support through a difficult leadership challenge, I can help.  Together we will determine your leadership needs and tailor a game plan that will best serve you and your leadership goals.


Leadership Assistance Can Look Like...

Career Search and Interview Preparation
One on One Mentoring
Building a Leadership Team and Culture
Leadership Reflection and Growth

Human Resources

The most important thing you can do for your organization is hire the right people. The second most important thing is to have systems in place that intentionally inspires and measures the performance of your team and the success of your organization.  A high functioning organization must have a well-developed onboarding process for new hires; an evaluation system that is reflective and measures performance; and a transparent accountability system that clearly communicates high expectations, is executed with integrity and supports a healthy work culture. Whether you are in the need to build a system(s), need support developing specific areas or need me to preform/lead the organization through time sensitive or an urgent matter, I can help.


Human Resources Assistance Can Involve...

Hiring Process
Union Relations


There are many moving parts that lead to the success of a school district or any large organization. Each school building needs to be aligned and driven by the district’s mission and vision. Clearly defined systems that are communicated and executed with precision and integrity are paramount to a successful educational community.  Every move, decision and paradigm shift ultimately impacts children and their ability to reach their potential.  There is no better motivation to improve your system than providing the best educational opportunities for kids.  If you are looking to positively impact your learning culture and overall student achievement, I can help you from the school to central office one system at a time.


Education Assistance Can Involve...

Operations Management
Leadership Capacity
Master Schedule and Staffing
Building Safety
Executing the Mission, Vision and Goals
Leading Change
Crisis Management
Policy and Procedures
Staff Accountability
Evaluation/Individual Development Plan
Human Resources